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Lawyers like Diamond Tran understand that the law can affect children’s’ lives in a multitude of ways. Lawyers protect the rights of children in arenas other than custody hearings. Ms. Tran has, over her 17 years as an attorney, prevented the system from abusing the rights of kids in public education and juvenile justice countless times. Whether helping a student get equal access to educational opportunities or protecting a child from the whims of a Juvenile Court judge, Diamond Tran will always seek justice for kids.


Disciplinary measures are integral to the educational experience. We applaud schools that keep the creep of violence and discord from interfering with the classroom learning process. Yet, all administrators make mistakes, and some overstep the bounds of good judgment when punishing a student for alleged rule violations. Orange County attorney Diamond Tran has made sure that her clients don’t suffer from errors made by the school system. She has stopped schools from punishing a student for absences due to illness, and acted as an advocate for that student in a grade dispute.


Juvenile law isn’t only about misdeeds by kids. Issues go beyond truancy, delinquency and punishment. The Juvenile dependency court addresses child protection issues regarding neglect, abuse and abandonment. Regarding either issue, children can get caught up in a justice system strained by society and become wards of the state. Children need the protection of an experienced juvenile law attorney like Diamond Tran. She can help children have the opportunity for a prosperous future by a vigorous defense of their rights.

Parents and guardians should seek immediate legal counsel if a child is arrested. In many cases, the child will face a probation officer. The probation officer has a range of consequences to apply from a stern lecture to forwarding the case to the District Attorney’s office. The latter choice could have unimaginable consequences if the child is tried as an adult. An experienced juvenile law advocate can intervene early before the case becomes a criminal law issue.

Compassionate Attorney Aiding Orange County Families with Juvenile and Education Law

No child is born bad, but every child is born needing the protection of a dependable adult. Diamond Tran provides reliable and responsive counsel to children and their families regarding education and juvenile law issues. Call Ms. Tran today to see how she can help you protect the child in your care.

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