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Attorney Diamond Tran has spent much of her 17-year career fighting to see that children’s interests are protected. A lawyer with a background in social welfare, Ms. Tran has a special perspective on how the law should work to meet the needs of children and their families. With that in mind, you must understand that Ms. Tran’s family law practice focuses on child welfare, that is, on issues related to legal and physical custody rights rather than on divorce issues.

Ms. Tran can help any deserving adult obtain custody of a child, as she has helped hundreds of others before. Traditionally, custody issues are litigated when a marriage or partnership dissolves. In our modern lives, our definition of family is changing. Family members in an extended family may take on responsibilities that biological parents may not. So then, extended family members, like grandparents or uncles may want to retain the rights afforded biological parents.

Attorney in Orange County Advises on Child Custody

In California, non-custodial parents are obligated to pay child support to the legal guardians of the child. So then, an extended family member like a grandparent may petition the court to request child support. Ms. Tran provides advice and counsel to grandparents and other extended family taking on the responsibility of raising a child. She can help them obtain whatever resources they need if the court offers a way.

Ms. Tran also works on other issues related to parental rights. She can help litigate visitation rights for anyone with a legally enforceable interest in a child’s upbringing. She will help negotiate a father’s path to establishing paternal rights.

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Disputes among family members about child rearing are often resolved inside the home. However, problems may grow out of control, and the law must step in for the children’s sake. These situations are fraught with animosity and confusion. Ms. Tran can be the calm, rational and compassionate voice for the child’s best interests. She can help get children the help they need. Give her a call to see how she can help your child have a bright future.

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