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Attorney Diamond Tran can help children find a more stable situation or solidify bonds with guardians who are not their biological parents through the adoption process. The 17-year veteran family law practitioner has an undergraduate degree in social welfare and a commitment to children and families. Her knowledge of family law and the methods of professional social workers make her one of the top candidates to represent you when you petition for adoption.

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If you are a stepparent, you may be eager to take on the full rights and responsibilities of being a parent. However, major obstacles may exist to you assuming those rights. The non-custodial biological parent still retains legal rights to your stepchild and may refuse to consent to you exercising those rights. Ms. Tran can help you pursue adoption using several available strategies.

You may be a cousin or aunt caring for a child that is not in your immediate family, but wish to obtain the rights of a parent. It would help in raising the child as you could make decisions on health care and education without seeking the permission of the non-custodial parent. If the biological parents retain their rights, you may have to obtain their permission or circumvent their objections.

Legal Advocate for Adoption in Orange County Beach

Diamond Tran will provide whatever assistance is necessary to make your adoption happen. She has helped many others in your position during her career, like the grandparents who wanted to help their grandchild who had become a dependent of the juvenile court in California. The first step was to get the grandparents the de facto parent status, which led to a successful adoption of the child.

For other cases, Ms. Tran is prepared to pursue procedures that are more aggressive, like the termination of the parental rights of the biological parents in court. She will do what is necessary to protect the child’s best interests and make the adoption dream a reality.

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Diamond Tran realizes that some adoptions may become complicated, difficult or even adversarial. She will be the voice of reason among disharmony. She will also be a powerful advocate for children. Call Ms. Tran to discuss your options if you want to pursue the adoption process and make a safe home for a child.

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