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The following are just a few of the cases that demonstrate Ms. Tran’s unwavering commitment to the welfare and best interests of children:

  • MARY AND MARK WERE GRANDPARENTS WHO HAD BEEN INFORMALLY TAKING CARE OF THEIR HAPPY  and healthy 6-year-old grandson, Johnny, since he was 2 years old.  Johnny’s parents were unable to care for him due to alcohol and drug problems. When Johnny’s mother, Cindy, gave birth to a baby girl, their lives drastically changed. Due to positive drug test results at birth, child welfare workers removed the baby from Cindy’s custody.  Under California law, the removal of the newborn child triggered a welfare investigation of the the siblings and their living situations.  As a result, though Johnny was well-cared for, Mark and Mary quickly found themselves having to fight for custody of their grandson. They were afraid that he would be taken from them. Ultimately with Ms. Tran’s help, the Juvenile Court judge found that it was in Johnny’s best interests to remain with his grandparents and allowed Mark and Mary to adopt Johnny.

  • BRIAN AND KIM HAD RECENTLY MARRIED WHEN BRIAN’S FATHER, FRANK, SUDDENLY PASSED AWAY. Brian’s sister, Stephanie, was 15 years old at the time. When she expressed her desire to live with Brian and Kim, the other family members agreed, except for Alice.  Alice and Frank had divorced when Brian and Stephanie were younger, and after the divorce, Franke raised the kids while Alice visited them only occasionally.  She was never a loving, caring parent even during the marriage. Nonetheless, after Frank’s death, Alice asked that Stephanie leave behind her friends and lifelong community to come live with Alice in a new city and attend a new school.  Brian and Kim were nervous that Alice would try to gain custody of Stephanie. The family was already deeply grieving, and to have to engage in a court battle seemed overwhelming. Ms. Tran was able to relieve their anxiety immediately, and within a few months of retaining Ms. Tran’s representation, Kim and Brian won guardianship of Stephanie in Probate Court. With Kim and Brian’s guidance as well as other family support, Stephanie eventually graduated with honors from high school and now attends university.

  • FOR YEARS, GRACE AND GEORGE WERE THE PRIMARY CAREGIVERS FOR THEIR 2 YOUNG GRANDDAUGHTERS WHILE THEIR PARENTS, Winnie and Hector, worked and went to school. Winnie and Hector eventually separated. Winnie unilaterally decided that she no longer wanted the 5 and 6-year-old girls to see their grandparents, even though the grandparents and grandchildren had a wonderful relationship. Grace and George wrote letters and dropped off presents for their granddaughters, which were promptly returned to them.  Since Grace and George hoped Winnie would eventually contact them again, months passed before they sought legal assistance.  During the trial, Ms. Tran was able to prove to the judge that it was in the children’s best interests to preserve an important and continuing relationship with their grandparents.  The Family Law judge strongly admonished Winnie for her actions, then ordered a generous visitation schedule for Grace and George, including multiple visits a week, weekly overnight visits and summer vacations.

  • WHEN JENNY FOUND OUT SHE WAS PREGNANT, SHE FELT THAT SHE WOULDN’T BE ABLE TO RAISE THE BABY SINCE SHE AND HER BOYFRIEND, CARLOS, WERE BOTH JUST 16 YEARS OLD.  Jenny’s mom, Mia, offered to be the baby’s legal guardian, with the hope that one day, Jenny would be able to take care of the child herself.  Carlos and his family, however, would not agree to the proposed arrangement.  They had been controlling and abusive towards Jenny and told her they wanted to have custody of the child themselves.  Carlos became physically violent during the pregnancy, threatening to kill her as well as himself.  Since Jenny feared for her own safety as well as the safety of her unborn child, Ms. Tran helped Jenny obtain a restraining order against Carlos and later helped Mia establish legal guardianship over the baby.

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